St Auvent Cake
St Auvent Cake
Net Weight 1 kg
Produced by Vandemoortele, Belgium

St Auvent Cake, a vegetable fat (78%) with butter, is specially formulated for the preparation of all types of dough, cakes, breads, muffins, cupcakes, biscuits, pies, etc.

  • Easy to mix in all types of dough
  • Smooth and savory, regular, light and a unique taste
  • Easy to mix with eggs and liquid
  • Nice structure and colour
  • Ideal plasticity without being greasy
  • Produced in blocks of 1kg

Storage: 10 - 18

For a better result: Use in ambient temperature (18 - 22).

For dough, in the end stage of kneading and before incorporation of the margarine, the temperature of the dough is ideally 24.

For the baking of brioche, use heated plates to obtain a better development.

St Auvent Cake
St Auvent Cake
St Auvent Croissant
St Auvent Croissant



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